The Seawall Project

With the changing of ownership of a major portion of the harbor properties in Noyo basin, I was employed to make some improvements. One of these improvements was the re-enforcement of a failing seawall. The wall was to be a twelve inch thick concrete barrier, fifty feet long. We could only work on low tide, because the hole would fill up with water. I was fascinated with the image of all that two-by-four bracing.

Other projects in the harbor have been:

1. Two additional seawalls of over one hundred feet long, constructed out of salvaged four-by-six redwood beams stacked and spiked against pilings. First we sank pilings with a crane, then we removed enough dirt to work below the tide line and be able to stack the timbers and nail with ten-inch spikes. Finally, we back filled and compacted the dirt we previously removed.

2. Numerous dock repairs consisting of replacing girders and four-by-twelve deck boards over the water.

3. Piling repairs under the Wharf Restaurant.

Piling repair, deck replacement and new concrete on dock under the present Tommy's Marine store.


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