Seismic Retrofit

When the new Noyo bridge project was in the initial stages of construction, the old access road to the beach was explored for use. It was discovered that there was a serious stability problem with the Petersen Law office building.

My firm was hired to make the necessary repairs.

The building's pilings were cross braced with galvanized rods and couplers, and re-enforced with the addition of 2 x 12 horizontal beams running in both the east-west and north-south directions.

Finally, we constructed a retaining wall to help stabilize the ground below the building. There were a few locations where the lower pilings were in danger of sliding out, due to years of soil creep, and an old road cut in the face of the slope. Behind the retaining wall, we filled and compacted new soil to stabilize any further creeping motion.

So far, so good ----



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