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Some Testimonials from Clients and Friends

"Every once in a while someone works with you who is so exceptional and does so many extra little things, that it cannot go un-rewarded. You did an incredible job on our art studio/lab. Thank you so much. We tried to think of something special to do for you or get for you, but finally decided to let you decide. Please accept this small gift in appreciation for your hard work, excellent craftsmanship, fairness, putting us in touch with good people, your generosity, and good humor. It was a fun experience. How many people can say that about remodeling?"

Thanks, many thanks
Terry and Sally Young

"A few years ago, I asked Brent and his great crew to help me rough-in my large shop addition. Since I was very limited for funds he agreed to do it on a time and material basis. They dealt with all the extensive foundation work, stem wall framing, large girders and joists, and the heavy ply flooring. At the end of this adventure Brent presented me with his crews hours, and to my surprise, I found it to be less then the hours I had accounted for. The skill of his crew and the honesty of his business practices have allowed me to recommend him to anyone who seeks an honorable contractor and now a friend."

Brian Lee


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Brent Anderson
General Contractor

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Brent Anderson
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