Here is a pictorial history of the construction of a new Mahogany Entrance Door.

The Cypress Door

The completed Cypress Door
Here it is on its' new home !!
another view of the completed Cypress Door

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This glass was designed and crafted in collaboration
with Fagerskog Glass of Fort Bragg
Here is a sunlit view of the beautiful glass

Here is a backlit view of the glass

The panels are old growth Redwood

Here is another closeup of the panels and glass


Here is the "history" of how this door was crafted




A drawing of the door overlaid on a picture of the entry
A proposal for the stained glass
Here the wood settles down before machining
Here the machined pieces are dry fitted before glue up ...... ahhh ..... perfect !!

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Here the door is glued up and cures for 72hrs
Here is the door out of clamps
..... ready to be sanded and trimmed
Signed !!
Mortised for hinges and my brand.

The door framework is finish sanded and receiving its' first coat of oil
Here is the door after 1 coat of oil
...... three more to come !!
Oiling the panels

Here are the panels after 1 coat of oil
...... three more to come !!

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The panels and door are oiled separately with 4 coats of varnish oil

The panel actually float and each stop is hand fitted to the opening
The panels are bedded and caulked with s siliconized caulking which turns clear when cured.
The jamb stock comes from solid 2" Mahogany

The solid brass, ball bearing hinges are mortised into the jamb
Here is a view of the door in the jamb
Here the door is "standing" in the jamb
The finished door

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The door is bored for the oil-rubbed bronze hardware
The bored holes have been oiled for the benefit of the door
A little jig is left in the for hardware alignment in the jamb