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A while ago, I asked a visitor to my site .... "how can I improve my site?"
He thought for a minute and then said that I should add some testimonials from my clients.
My clients have become my friends ..... sooo ..... here are some notes from my friends.

Updated 7 ~2009

Good Morning Brian,
It is always a pleasure to receive you email reminding me to do a little maintenance. Our entry door looks as good as the day I picked it up thanks to your reminders. I visited your website gallery and was pleased to see many new designs. I'm sure each client is as happy as we are with their entry door. Have a wonderful day and thank you.

Brenda ~ Proud owner of "The Patterson"

 "You were absolutely right and the door looks beautiful all put together. The partial framing of the carving on the sidelight has lines that blend seamlessly with the lines of the stiles. I anticipated a disjointed look on the lines of the stiles, and a difference in color from the door to the carving that would "highlight" what I perceived as the missing framimg. The color blends so well from the carving to the door frame that it doesn't make it look like it's "missing" anything like I anticipated.
  I am very happy with the door. You have done just a gorgeous job, and I know Chris will love it, too. Your door is just beautiful and the ribbon mahogany looks just stunning. It looks much better than I anticipated.
  Thanks so much for sending me the picture! I woke up at 5:00 am this morning stressing that the door wouldn't look right, so I can sleep much better tonight!
  I feel bad that you dropped everything to get me the picture, and I'm sorry if my stress in turned stressed you out. We've had so many things go wrong with the house, and my stress level is pretty high right now. It's no excuse, but I'm sorry and my concerns were totally unfounded. It is way better than I expected, and thanks so much!"
L. W.

.......... And we love it! Thanks so much Brian. It is truly gorgeous. We are so happy with it, and can't wait to see it on the front of the finished house. Actually, I can't wait to turn the key and shut the door behind me, finally back IN the finished house!!
Thanks so much. I'll send you a picture when it's finally in.
Ellen & Nick
The South Bay, CA

Hi Brian,
The door is now hung with all the hardware and looks great, inside and out. D-------- and I ended up hanging the door ourselves.
There is nothing so attractive and decorative as simple craftsmanship.
Thanks again...
D & R
The North Coast of California

Hello Brian,
I was traveling all week last week, so I did not get a chance to look at the doors right away, but they did arrive on Monday as planned.
The doors look fantastic! To see the pattern of the wood in person is mesmerizing and otherworldly, really unique. And also we are very impressed with the quality of your work -- the joinery is topnotch, and everything fits together wonderfully, so that one can hardly feel where one piece meets another when running a hand over it. Very, very nice.
Our contractor has one of them installed, and will be hanging the other one today. We will send you some photos as soon as we get a chance.
Thanks very much, and have a good week,
Chicago, CA

First Sue wrote ..... " Hi Brian, Just wanted to let you know the door came yesterday and looks to be in good shape. Opened up the 'fortress crate' and everything looks in tack. I didn't tear open the plastic sheeting yet, I'll wait until the installation crew comes so I have enough hands."
....... then she wrote : "Here are pics of the door installed Brian...... Thanks again, it really is a stunning creation! "
Marin, CA

Just a note to say that the door is magnificent! I expected quality, but was not prepared for the skill level craftsmanship which you executed on our door.
It is a true work of art.
I'll have some pictures to send in the next few weeks. Trust that you are well.
Dr. Jim B.

Dear Brian
Attached please enjoy the photos of the expertly skilled craftsmanship that you provided for the S***** residence in Windermere Florida.
The only thing remaining is to oil all the inside and outside trim work that was installed around the door. I will buy all the oils and follow your advice about how to apply all the coats.
The neighbors are in love with your door too!
Well Done Brian!

Brian,.......... I only briefly glimpsed our door before it was secured in a safe place until hanging. It it even more exquisite in person!! I hope our house is worthy of your fine craftsmanship!!
Warmest Regards,
Jennifer ~ Nor Cal

"Mr. Lee,
Well my door project is finally done. It has been a very interesting job.
1. the time it took to make it
2. then getting it delivered to Modoc County
3. then getting it from Alturas to my house
4. then getting it installed
Had to put up with people who had to hunt Antelope in Wyoming ...... a snow storm here ..... But, after all that it is most definitely worth it. My wife and I are very please with the whole project. The door fit the opening exactly, it looks Great, Thank you so much."
MG ~ Northern California

Wow. Brian,
"It is exquisite! I'm so excited. I realized recently, when I grew up in impoverished South Philly, all the Spanish American war era brick row houses, all looked the same, stuffed 56 houses on an alley. All the old Italians put all their aesthetics into the individualized uniqueness of their doors! No two were the same. The only aspect of their whole houses that were different from their neighbors. Even though I am 40 years away from there, my imprinted instincts have come through to seek out a majestic one of a kind door that will have every who enters ooohh and aaahh at the unique beauty!
What a gift you give to the entire world! Your choice of woods are fantastic, and you treat them with the respect, care, and the dialogue they deserve! A wonderful blend of man and nature! "
Warmly, Ron ~ Nor Cal

Hi Brian
Just wanted to let you know we both LOVE the door. It's gorgeous--the wood is more beautiful than we envisioned. We have both been walking around with smiles on our faces for the last couple of days. Thank you for your fine work.
We are both very happy to have the door in our possession but kind of sad the process is drawing to a close.  I will send photo of it installed when that happens.
Best wishes to you,
K. and J. Nor Cal

I was amazed by your website, by the variety and beauty of your doors. But after I visited your shop, I realized that the website doesn't do your doors justice. It's hard to believe that the doors are truly twice as gorgeous as your website portrays. .... thank you for the time.
S.F. Nor Cal
No....... Thank You SF, for your kind words

Thanks Brian, that is fine!
The install went well actually, just a little slow as we figured out issues more with the old wall and floor. It is in and in the process of trim work. I need to get home before I upload the install and finish work photo series, but here is one exterior. Everyone who has seen the door has flipped over the look and wood work. We love it and how the extra sidelight has opened up the dark hallway as Cindy wanted.
S. G.
Nor Cal

Hi Brian,
Attached please find pictures of completed door. Thank you so much. It is the most gorgeous door I or anyone else that has seen it has ever seen! I stand in awe of the fine craftsmanship that is required to create such a beauty. The contractor who installed it said it is the finest door he has ever hung in 25 years of working construction (and he flew in from Michigan to do my project)! His crew agreed. Thank you so much for proving that a door doesn't have to be "just a door"; it can be a work of art.

"Brian It's awesome!
We couldn't have hoped for a door this nice.
Our deepest admiration for you and Joanne's craftsmanship --Thanks again--"
then he wrote..... "Brian, we received the door on Friday. Looks spectacular! Words don't describe it's beauty! It was a pleasure working with you..... Thanks so much! "
Laguna Hills, CA

"Dear Brian,
We saw The Liberty for the first time on Saturday. Well it took my breath away. Really beautiful craftsmanship! The men who are going to install it were so impressed with the burl and the detail-the way the inserts match and compliment each other, We are very happy with the copper and delighted with the door. Bravo. I can well imagine you missing it. We will send you .........
Thank you again for creating the door I hadn't imagined and will love looking at it from both sides for the rest of my life. Our friends expect us to throw a party around it but I can assure you no one gets to smash a champagne bottle over it---it's already been christened. THE LIBERTY"
Northern Cal

Oh my!! I love the raised molding! I love the whole thing! The door is a metaphor for my whole house experience. When I look at each part as it comes together, I think, yeah that looks good, but when the whole thing comes together, it is completely amazing and better than I could have hoped. I am envious of your occupation, which allows both Progress and Perfection.
Via con dios.
S. M.
Northern Cal
Then her husband wrote
Hi Brian,
Wow. That is one amazing piece of work. I can not wait to see it in person. Thank you so much Brian. You have created a truly unique piece of our new home that I know could never have been created anywhere else. Sorry I won't get a chance to meet you in person. Maybe you will find yourself in our neck of the woods sometime and can come see your masterpiece - The Redding - installed. You are always welcome. And never fear, we will shower you with lots of pictures until then -- probably more than you want.
Take good care,
P. M.
Northern Cal

Brian.we received the door on Friday. Looks spectacular! Words don't describe it's beauty! It was a pleasure working with you, and if i have any further questions i will contact you.
Thanks so much!

Well, the masterpiece is IN! We worked all day yesterday to get it in and it looks beautiful... we took nearly 100 pictures!  We will send you the best of the installation/installed pics. We have a little more trim work today.
We are so pleased with the door. The carpenter just could not say enough about the quality of the construction and the beauty of the door. He kept muttering ... "what a craftsman, what a craftsman"!!
More with pics later.
then they wrote
You may call it the door, we refer to it as a work of art! It looks so awesome! I'll send you a CD with the all the pictures! We have before, during and after pictures ... including the trim. You'll get 'em all! I'll mail that CD out this week!
The comments on the door were incredible. Everyone is admiring it ... we even had a truck come to a screeching halt in front of our house to look at it!
I cannot tell you how pleased we are with the whole experience ... you are a GEM!

E and L of Cape Cod, MA

Hi Brian,
We're sorry to not have been in touch with you. The last push to finish this house has taken all our time. ............. We finally moved in to the house two weeks ago and the first thing done was to uncover and clean the doors and jams which had been protected by cardboard and plywood ............. The doors look spectacular and everyone who comes here remarks on their beauty. For us it's really exciting now because we haven't really been able to see the doors and the stained glass which were covered until now .......... So we'll take some photos tomorrow and send them to you later in the week.
Then they wrote in a note
June 10
Hi Brian,
Here are some photos of the doors. We finally moved in but not everything is finished. The doors are beautiful! We will send more photos once they are trimmed and finished on the inside. Thank you so much for making these fantastic doors. We spent a whole year protecting them and it was worth it. We will send digital versions via email .................
Hope you are doing well and enjoying the start of summer.
Best regards
J. & A. H.
Hillbrook NY

"Dear Brian,
The photos of the processing and the quality of the work are both wonderful. I have been like the lead goose in a migration trying to run this job:) and tonight, this 12 am, is the first opportunity I've had to look at the pages you mentioned. Bravo and thanks very much. I have forwarded this page to several friends in construction and others. I truly appreciate your time and dedication and look forward, health permitting, to meeting you some time, somewhere. As I've said from our first tele meeting, you are always welcome out here should you find yourself in the Northeast. All my best and will give you a buzz first chance I get,
as always,"
Phil P. of upstate, NY

Everyone loves the new door, especially me! I have your tie-downs boxed up and will send them as soon as I can.
Thank you,
Brenda M. of Patterson , CA

Dear Brian
........... "Seems like only yesterday we were planning the design of this beautiful door!
You know Brian, I am going to miss our frequent emails when this project is done. I will always check your web site to see what is new and interesting ... I hope we can keep in touch from time to time. When I get to CA, I will be sure to come visit your shop. I have a little wood shop in my garage ... nothing fancy ... just able to make a few bird houses and things like that. I admire anyone with the talent and dedication to do what you do ... everyone should do what they enjoy!"
(I do!!)
E.L. of MA

I will try to take some pictures at different times and different lighting. We love our door. It has been a conversation piece. Many of our visitors have commented that's what they noticed first. Friends are building a new home at Smith Mountain Lake, VA and have asked for your website.
It was so great to work with you, I will send the photos soon.
D. S. MD
Danville, VA

June 2005
Dear Brian
Here are the pictures I promised to send. I was waiting to buy a new rug ......... Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. Jack and I looked at some new homes ......... it was selling for 3 million +, not to buy - just to look. The front door didn't come close to mine. You are gifted.
Thank you always,
C. W. of Walnut Creek, CA

Hello Brian.
I had a privilege to install one of your 'art work' entry doors about a month or two ago. Customer name is C. H. - Walnut Creek CA.
The quality and craftsmanship were amazing. I am proud to be the contractor to get that 'beauty' on the wall and have the pictures part of my installation catalog.
If you need to refer any installation work to a customer here in the Bay Area I will be happy to provide the service.
Hope I will have a chance to stop by one day and visit your shop. 
Best regards,
Sergio Duarte - VIEW & ACCESS windows and doors
CSLB # 711408

Hi Brian,
Yes, we are getting your emails and are loving the pictures
(watching their door being built online) I'm sorry I didn't respond,we have been busy with the illness and .............. The progress on the door is wonderful, please keep the pictures coming!
Thank you,
B. M. of Central CA

Hi Brian
Wow. It was November that we last communicated. I'm sure you had decided I had blown off your request for a picture of the fully installed door, as I had promised. I am now happy to report that the door is finally complete and I have attached a photo of the fully-installed final product.
I am super pleased with the door, as I already told you, and am greatly relieved to finally have the glass installed.  I have gotten lots of compliments on the door, in spite of the weird setting. As I told you, it is installed halfway down the narrow 15-foot hallway entrance to my house, so that I can have a separate side-door entrance to my office space in the first half of the hall. Not the best setting for your beautiful door, but it totally brings to life what would otherwise be a dark imposing barrier in my hallway.
................. The transom was harder to design and I am still trying to get used to it. In any case, I hope you like the new glass almost as much as the original.
Thanks again for your work and professionalism. If it hadn't been for that small glitch on the hinge placement, it would have been a perfect transaction in acquiring and integrating a true work of art into a preexisting setting. It was probably a good reminder just how ambitious an activity this was, especially since we were able to recover completely. There are very few craftsman like yourself left in this country who take on the responsibility of building real things with no room for error.
Again, my compliments.
Best regards,
J. S.
Boulder, CO

Mr. Lee,
Just a quick note about the door you sent to us. It has been taken out of its box and hung in place and immediately covered with large sheets of plywood to protect it during the remainder of the construction. There was just enough time for it to be admired by all and to utterly astonish me. It is exquisite! Luckily the rest of the house is being refurbished to a high standard, otherwise the door would put everything else to shame and oblige us to start over. We'll send pix when all is done.
then he wrote a few months later .... We have just (finally after nearly one year) completed our project; literally today the final payment cheque was handed to the builders .. We love the way the door looks and everyone who sees it is very impressed.

Hello Brian,
The door is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! It is even more striking than imagined.

I just saw the new pics of our door. It is more beautiful than I ever imagined. You are a true craftsman!
Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. I can't wait to see it hung.
B. F., Chicago

Howdy Brian,
I also looked at some of your door work, and continue to be impressed with the quality of your work. One of the ongoing issues I have working out in the regular world is the lack of craftsmanship anywhere. The mainstream economy is all about time equals money. It's all in the details and the sense of pride of workmanship that is present in one shop, and not in the other.
I really enjoyed the evening with the two of you. I feel honored to know you both.
C. H. of LaJolla, CA (August '05)

Dear Brian,
Of course you may have pictures of the door. I have taken many - some in the early spring and some just a few weeks ago. I have a few that show "a sparkle" but I can't get the rainbows. I'm still trying. I will send you what I have for now and when others show off the glass better I will send those. We are enjoying every minute of it.
Thank you once again.
C. J.

Absolutely beautiful. We are thrilled with your extremely beautiful doors. They are remarkable. I'm humbled by the craftsmanship. Thanx again. Please stop by when you happen to be driving South on 1.
S.& C., Sea Ranch, CA

Hi Brian,
I should be completely finished this week with installing the glass in the side panels. I will take some pics and send them to you.
I have question about the oil ...................... or should I mix in some varnish like you did on the door?
The door really looks beautiful on the house. We've received compliments from several neighbors that we don't even know. At a new year's party, I met some neighbors for the first time and they said, "oh, your the one with the new door."
Take care,
M. J., So. Cal

Then I received this email 11/06
Brian -
Thanks for the update (estimate). I wasn't anticipating a crating charge - that leaves the project a bit over budget.
Do you have any flexibility in your prices, or are they firm?
John Doe .........
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