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There is a connection between the maker and the object.

I have always sought the reason behind the act of creating. The objects that I make all tell a story ... the story of the maker, of the material, of the place it was made.

These pieces I create are about all of those who have given inspiration. They make a connection between myself and the people who choose to live with them, telling a bit of each of our lives, leaving that for those who will come to ponder.

In my travels I have found it very important to listen to these stories and respond. The objects I make show that response.

I look forward to hearing new stories and to sharing them.

Owen Edwards lives with his wife and son on the Mendocino Coast, creating new stories and watching the sky.

 Owen M. Edwards
P.O. Box 69
Caspar, California 95420
(707) 964-0636





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