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Inspiration is the "jet fuel" which drives my work. I derive motivation from viewing a magnificent native hardwood tree, processing that timber into usable material, and building a piece of fine woodwork from that material. I believe the craftsman imbues each piece with a sense of his spirit when he participates in each step of the work from the woods to the finished piece. What starts out as an assemblage of wooden pieces, takes on a "personality" as a completed work.

I have been working with wood for 28 years and during that period have endeavored to incorporate as much native material in my work as possible. It is a journey of exploration when I open a log or resaw a board. My eyes are the first to view the beautiful, intricate and colorful patterns within that piece. I also enjoy utilizing "found" or reclaimed material. I've made guitar peghead veneers and coopered chest lids from old fence posts.

I feel fortunate to have studied and been associated with some of the world's finest craftsmen. The north coast of California has one of the highest concentrations of fine craftsmen anywhere. I draw much inspiration from visiting their shops and admiring their work. At the conclusion of a visit, I want to rush home and begin another piece.

Although I am listed under the furnituremakers category, I have many other woodworking interests which range from lutherie (stringed instrument construction), miniatures, architectural millwork to boatbuilding. All of my work is of my own design. However, I welcome any opportunity to work with a client on their design or concept. In the process, we can then embark on a journey of exploration and inspiration together.


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Robin Thompson
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Branscomb, CA 95417
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