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Sustainable Union Lumber Co. (SULCO) is a small business dedicated to producing quality lumber products from environmentally sound sources. Our goal is to harvest timber on a sustained yield basis, so that future generations will enjoy the beauty of our forests as well as reap the benefits of raw materials and jobs those forest will provide.

We are at the forefront of a new age approach to timber harvesting where the "little guy" will prevail. A tiny beginning in an age of huge corporations that can only survive by mass consumption of our natural resources. Our smallness means we are lighter, quicker, produce less waste. Less impact in the forest now means more forest to impact the future. Sustainable forestry is forest preservation.

Sustainable Union Lumber Co. (SULCO) is proud to be a part of the sustainable forestry renaissance, and it is our hope that you will choose to make a difference with your wood purchase. We, who love wood, love trees. The wood dollars we spend are rebuilding forests.

Sustainable Forestry*
New concepts in forestry call for annual harvesting of smaller amounts of wood from commercial timber parcels. Practiced correctly, forests actually heal and regrow while yielding sustainable amounts of timber. Low impact harvesting makes these lands permanent greenbelt, permanent refuges for wildlife, permanent sources of timber, and creators of permanent jobs.

Our onsite timber processing division is certified and insured for all California forestry operations. We specialize in ecologically sound logging with minimal impact equipment and techniques. We specialize in the California Department of Forestry 99-year sustainable harvest plans, as well as silvaculture plans. In addition to doing the actual harvesting operations, by setting up our portable processing equipment on your site we can process saw logs of all grades, as well as firewood and other forest products. At the same time, the unused portions of the trees can be chipped and spread, feeding and replenishing the soil from which they grew, just as nature intended.

Other services include kiln drying, custom moulding, lumber planing, and an environmental source for Western Hardwoods.

*Sustainable forestry guidelines and certification have been established by the Forestry Stewardship Council.


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